If you can dance to it...
Hail to the Zoo can play it!
With over 100 years of combined playing experience, Hail to the Zoo can play virtually any style, in any place, and for any audience.
 Every generation or so, the stars come into perfect alignment and a band is born that is so profound that it touches the very souls of all of those that listen to it. If you can't make it to their shows, you should come to ours instead. We're more fun. We promise!  
About H2Z
Way back in the day, after wrapping up a Dan Johnston show, Adam got the idea to put a band together with some of the best musicians he knows. A super-band. A band unlike any other in the history of the world. After roping in his longtime bandmate and good buddy, Dan Johnston, all that was left to do was find a man who is a dynamo on piano and could contribute to the vocals that H2Z is known for. After coming to the realization that it was entirely too late to ask Freddie Mercury, they decided to ask Sam, who can play anything in the universe, and he fortunately readily accepted. As of December 2014, Cheri (who has sung with the Eddie Butts band, not that we wish to drop names. Except for that we do.) has taken over lead vocals in the group, and has definitely brought the energy of the band to a new level! The newest addition to the band is Tom, whose bass prowess is known everywhere that people talk about bass players. Now, a perfect mix of playing ability and attitude, Hail to the Zoo is ready to take the world by storm! But we'll start with the Milwaukee area... Slow and steady wins the race, after all.
Adam Sullivan, drums
Dan Johnston, guitar
Cheri Modrow, vocals
Sam Steffke, keyboard
Tom Burgermeister, bass

Founder, Ben Kostich
January 17
Saloon on Calhoun
17000 W. Capitol Dr.
8:00 -12:00
January 25
Classic Lanes
5404 W. Layton Ave.
10:30 am - 1:30 p